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The city of Porto, also known as the Invincible city, is the second largest city of Portugal and considered the Northern capital of Portugal. The historic downtown of Porto is endowed with an outstanding set of monuments, with a unique architecture, and on the banks of the Douro River, which divides this city that was appointed in 1996 as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

It is the main production center of the world’s notable port wine, where you can go to wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia to see the wine maturing process, and even taste it. It should also be noted its well-known and wonderful gastronomy and hospitality of the people in this city. This is also the starting point to go up the Douro river, in one of its unforgettable cruises. In 2012 and 2014, Porto was elected Best European Destination.

Bonfim Neighborhood

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With its avenues full of centennial trees, the Bonfim is perhaps the most central neighborhood of the Invincible city. It is worth noting the Bonfim Parish Church, dedicated to the Senhor do Bonfim e da Boa Morte (literally meaning the Lord of Bonfim and the Good End), a beautiful building built between 1874 and 1984, which is one of the many symbols of this parish history.

Trindade Neighborhood

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The Trindade Neighborhood is full of tourist spots, offering a journey through time and space, where art, culture and religion complement each other. Just 5 min from the Clérigos Tower, one of the most iconic monuments of Porto, where you can enjoy stunning views of the city and the Douro River. This neighborhood also features entertainment and nightlife with promenades, bars and restaurants around every corner.


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Campanhã area is located in the highest zone of the City where we find Campanhã Station, which is considered the main railway station of the Northern Region of the country, inaugurated on May 21, 1875. The station also has a connection with the subway lines thus allowing an easy trip for all the City.

This area is an excellent choice for travelers arriving by train from all over Europe interested in history, city tours, and sightseeing.

In the surrounding area, guests will find various dining options serving local delicacies and traditional dishes.

Upcoming events

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  • Queima das Fitas

    1 - 8

  • Festival de Fado, Caixa Ribeira

    3 - 4

  • NOS Primavera Sound 2016

    09 - 11

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